Worldcom Foundation is a non-profit organization involved in the development of communication systems. Worldcom works as a solution provider for groups and organisations working in the field of development issues, especially in the South.

Worldcom was founded in 1992 to provide a legal framework for people working in communication projects (mainly in Central America) on an individual basis, to establish an infrastructure to support technical projects related to North-South issues.

Originally, Worldcom was mainly engaged in developing systems for analog communication. Since the emergence of global digital networks (Internet) with their great potential as platform for communication, Worldcom has become increasingly involved in the development of digital communication solutions.

Worldcom has developed projects together with partners in Latin-America, Africa and Europe, in cooperation with major Dutch and international funding organisations.

Worldcom is already for more then a decade heavily partnered with LolaMora Productions a women's collective of media professionals/journalists.

Worldcom-LolaMora is currently involved in Femme au Fone, a (media) project about women's safety in Eastern-Congo (DRC).

Femme au Fone (FAF) is a project based on an SMS communication system that connects local women to women's organizations lobbying on local, national and international level, with the objective to take into account way local women themselves define security, peace and protection. The communication system based on texts messages (SMS), processes information by way of a computer system, managed by a multidisciplinary team. This team is responsible for verifying, analyzing and distributing the SMS information, according to an established protocol and by using the multiple media. Lobbying takes place based on this information and policies that are based on Resolution 1325. By involving local women in this way women give their own input for the definition of security in their own places and also help shape potential solutions.

Worldcom-LolaMora is:

  • Coordinating the work of the Femme au Fone team in the Democratic Republic of Congo (one person full time).
  • Developer of the technical platform.
  • Training technical staff and editors.
  • Responsible for the expansion of the radio signal of Radio Maendeleo in Bukavu to all parts of the province of South Kivu.

Worldcom is based in the Netherlands, but usually we are somewhere else.
Worldcom can be contacted by mail at